Wheres waldo cosplay - C2E2 2019 shot on Kodak Portra film

So were are we this week? Staying in like good folks battling the COVID-19 pandemic? I hope so. I’ve been stuck with some real grey weather outside, and not very much call to go shoot, outside of a spot of sun a few days ago. With the quarantine in effect throughout most of Illinois, there have been lots of event cancellations, and photo shoots in groups are definitely out of the picture until later spring at least.

In the meantime, it looks like it should be a good time to catch up on some e-courses, retouching, lighting, web developing etc. Definitely seems like a good time to sort and edit more of my back catalogue of work.

What will you be up to while we are stuck inside? Feel free to comment below – and thanks to the awesome where’s waldo cosplayer above from last years C2E2 at McCormick place, in Chicago. This was a shot from a roll of Kodak Portra, which I’ll add more to in the future. Until then, stay safe, and let me know if you’re up to anything interesting for photography work while inside.

Dancing T-Rex's take over the DJ booth at C2E2 - 2019 - shot on Kodak portra400 cosplayers.

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