Cosplay clown photo - C2E2 - captured on hasselblad digital

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There has long been a debate over colors, i.e. what colors are brands known for, what palate does a film produce. It is one of the things that brought me into the Canon DSLR camp from being a long time Nikon user starting with the D1 / D1X, and resulting in a switch over to first the Canon 1D Mark iii, and then iv (which I still love and use). One of the big points for the switch was the gradual desire for what to me seemed like better colors (better may not be the right term) but it was more pleasing to my eyes.

Enter the debate on various sensors and color effect, and you see a real difference in tones from the older CCD sensors, and the current crop of CMOS technology. I can’t deny that CMOS produces amazing low light and available light images, and they are what I have used for a long time now to create my available light portraits.

However.. this does not mean that the CCD sensor technology can be discounted. It is simply another type of tool, much as spending time shooting analog film and learning the intricacies of colors produced vs processing the colors out.

C2E2 Cosplayer - shot on Hasselblad Digital.
Cosplay showcasing some gorgeous tones on a CCD “old sensor”

Without a doubt there is a difference, which makes shooting these older cameras fun in my opinion keeping in mind their limitations. Just because a system is old by technology standards, doesn’t mean we can’t create something fun and unique with them. It’s one of the reasons I started exploring the film cameras in medium and large format, and another that I love shooting with “old” cameras like the Canon 5D classic, or a Hasselblad H3D.

The bottom line is – CCD’s produce fun colors as do every other type of capture device, and I say if you like the look of a particular system go ahead, shoot and enjoy!

More to follow, but enjoy some of these CCD color shots taken at C2E2 this year at McCormick Place.


Star wars cosplayers at C2E2 at McCormick Place - shot with Hasselblad H3d and digital back.

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