Lady photographer in Chicago takes portait of woman at Chicago's magnificent mile

Dear friends,

There are many reasons I love film, but most especially the way it reacts on sunny days! Without a doubt its a ton of fun to expose for the shadows, and let the highlights just roll. Kodak is one of my favorite film companies, in a not so large market, and their Portra film line in 400, and 160 are some of my favorites to go out and shoot with. Our photo above was shot on Kodak Portra 400 in 120 format, with a medium format TLR (I don’t remember what kind off the top of my head).

Lady on a scooter in pink on michigan ave, Chicago. Shot on Kodak portra 400 film with an RB67.
Happy in pink – Michigan ave. Bridge over the Chicago River on Kodak Portra 400 film.

The colors are fun, the tones are smooth, and using this kind of film with Vision 3 Technology is just a blast. I encourage everyone to go out and shoot with some of your favorite color films when it becomes sunny. You wont regret it!

Until next time, enjoy the photos taken on gorgeous 120 film.

gorgeous green tones of a small planter at Green Chicago, shot on kodak portra400 film in 120.
Gorgeous green tones of a small planter at the always fun Green Chicago, shot on Kodak portra400 film in 120.

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